Tuesday, May 5, 2009


My friend Cathy has way more self-control than do I, and has been able to survive a whole pregnancy without knowing the sex of her baby. That would drive me insane. Anway, I made a Burt's Bees-themed diaper cake for her shower over the weekend & it turned out to be really cute! (I almost wrote "it turned out to 'bee' so cute", but then I would have hated myself. Aren't you glad I resisted?)


  1. Yeah! Thanks for being so thoughtful and posting a comment (my first comment) on my blog! How cute is that diaper cake?!? I also love that you homeschool. We're planning on homeschooling our oldest this fall (she just completed kindergarten in a public school). Would love to chat more with you!

  2. Oh that is the CUTEST theme ever and it turned out adorable! I love their baby products!

  3. I made that felt bee by hand, too. Took forever, but well worth it...I want to make another one quick!