Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Gosselin Meltdown

I know that by writing about this subject I may draw fire from Gosselin-fans and Gosselin-haters alike. I do not want to use this blog to indulge in gossip or slander against the Gosselins or anyone else. But, since Christianity and parenting are both focal points for this blog, I hate to say nothing about something that troubles me so deeply.

I do not believe that Jon and Kate Gosselin are evil. I believe that they are Christians. I believe that they love their children, and that they began their television show with honest intentions. I even believe their claim that they viewed the show as a way to share their faith with others. I also believe that they have, like all Christians at one time or another, turned their back on God's will and are operating out of their flesh rather than out of the Spirit.

They've believed the enemy's lie that happiness is life's goal. They've believed his lie that comfort and security are paramount, and once they have been achieved there will be plenty of time to work on their relationship with God. They have looked for love and approval from others, from one another, and ignored their identity in Christ. The world and its lies have bewitched them, hopefully only momentarily, and they are floundering to understand why everything is disintegrating all around them. I would say that at some point, we have all, as Christians, been guilty of these same things--luckily, not quite as publicly.

Nothing about their story is new. The enemy of their souls is on the prowl for them as he is for each and every one of us, as he has been since human history began. He delights in the fact that these children of God have sinned and are being humbled and humiliated before the eyes of a wicked world. He loves nothing more than to mock Christ by "discrediting" His followers.

If you read this, please pray for Jon and Kate Gosselin. Pray that God uses someone close to them to speak the eternal truths they need to hear. Pray that they can lay their souls bare and receive the grace that can only come from God. Pray that they can find strong Christian counseling in order to restore their relationship. Pray protection over those eight precious children. Pray that God gives Jon and Kate the words to comfort and soothe the hearts of their children.

Lord, thank you that you are our portion and our strength. Thank you that when you are for us, it doesn't matter who's against us. Thank you for the gift of salvation through our Lord Jesus Christ. And thank you for the opportunity to pray for our fellow Christians as they navigate the trials of this fallen world.

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