Friday, January 8, 2010

Checking In With the Chillun

Sassy smelling a leaf--what do leaves smell like, anyway?  I'll have to ask.

Just wanted to do a quick update on Sissy and Sassy, for whom this little blog is named.  We are having sleeping issues around the S & S household.  Sassy has graduated to a "big-girl" bed and has lost her mind in the process.  She used to be this baby:

Day or night, you could put this baby in her crib with a binky and her blanket, and she would drift right off to dreamland.  Maybe a cry or two here and there, but mostly such a great sleeper I got VERY spoiled--I did crazy things like take a shower, fold laundry, check the mail.  It was such a welcome change from this baby:

This beautiful child is the worst sleeper the sweet Lord ever made.  We finally drove her out of our bed when she was 5.  She still wakes up EVERY SINGLE NIGHT at least once, and she's about to turn 8.  I doubt she's ever experienced a single REM cycle in her life.  I know I've gone 8 years without one.  Somehow, she has stealthily communicated to her sister that it would be a great idea if they satggered their late-night awakenings.  It goes a little something like this:

8:00--Daddy gets Sassy to sleep; takes about 15 minutes
8:30--Sissy gets into bed, sternly warned not to read any books
10:00--after much drama (and book-reading), Sissy falls asleep
11:00--Daddy & Mommy turn in for the night
11:30--Sassy wakes up & Daddy goes & gets her back to sleep
2:00--Sissy comes in to use our bathroom, though there's one right next door to her room
3:30--Sassy wakes up & is brought into our bed out of desperation
5:30--Daddy hits alarm and nearly weeps from pure exhaustion
6:30--Mommy hits alarm and does same.

Sometimes, not one of us wakes up in the same place we started out the night before.  Often, actually.  And when I go in to wake up Sissy for school, I get this look:
Actually, that is a much nicer look than the one I usually get.  I refuse to take a picture of her devil-possessed look.

Oh, well.  One day I'll  back on these times and wish they still wanted nothing more than to snuggle in my bed.  But that time will probably coincide with me waiting up to see if they make curfew.  Sigh.

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