Monday, June 6, 2011

No Explanations, No Regrets

Sadly, I haven't been here in almost a year.  I'm a teacher--if you look closely, you'll realize I only post between the months of June and August--go figure.  I'm hoping, once again, to be here more often.  A quick update on the two crazy people for whom this little corner of cyberspace is named:

Sissy turned nine this past April, and we had a luau/pool party/shrieking girl extravaganza.  I had one or two moments of creativity, but cheated and bought almost everything from Dollar Tree.  Sissy is as sweet, nutty, and moody as ever.  She's looking forward to swimming all summer long.

Oh, Sassy.  She's a toot.  Really.  Can you tell?  She's not a baby anymore, which is the reason for my total despair.  She will be *gulp* FOUR at the end of this month.  I've responded by spoiling her and ruining her for life.  I can't help it, and now I know why everybody rolls their eyes at mothers who do this.  I used to, but now I am totally sympathetic.    


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