Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Wowzers--I actually made it!

I'm really inspired by Meg's blog.  She has this amazing sense of style, color, and she's real.  Sometimes she's thrilled with her kids, sometimes she wants to wring their necks, and she is honest about it.  I love that.  I feel sometimes that blogs are so carefully crafted to show only one side of life--the perfectly decorated, color-coordinated, crafty, delicious, happy side of life.  I love to be inspired by those things, but if you spend too much time blog-hopping, you might develop a bit of inferiority complex.  Which is what I was afraid of when I attempted Meg's rainbow cake.  I was ready for abject failure, I have to admit...but, I did it!!

I truly cannot believe it turned out so well.  Such a happy little cake!!

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