Thursday, November 19, 2009

Mama Kat's Writer's Workshop: Diary Entry from my 13 Year-old Self


Awesome writing prompt from Mama Kat a diary entry from when you were 13.  Since there's no possible way to locate my diary from 1987, I'll have to think back.  I haven't matured much past the age of 13 so it probably won't be very hard.

Dear Diary,

I really hate my new haircut.  It was my 13th birthday present (I'm a TEENAGER now!!!!).  It's really short, like a super-short bob with short bangs.  It makes my face look round and fat.  Since my hair's straight, I've been tucking it behind my ears, so it's a little better, but not much.  My aunt took me to this fancy place in the mall, which was cool because I've never been to one of those places, but now I'm totally sure that Davis will never even look at me again.  I really wanted tickets to see Madonna, because she has a concert exactly on my birthday, but I had to get the haircut instead.  I'm going to try and fix my hair before Monday, because I will die if I have to see Davis looking like this.


Oh my gosh, I am going to kill myself!!!!!  I begged my aunt to help me fix my hair and she said OK and took me to another hair place (not the cool one at the mall) and she said she thought it would help if I got a perm.  What do I know, so I said OK.  MY HAIR LOOKS LIKE A POODLE.  My bangs were so short the lady could barely get the little perm roller thingie in them and now my bangs are LIKE A FRIZZY LITTLE PUFFBALL exactly like those fancy poodles you see.  I went home and cried so hard I threw up.  Now I'm going to the mall to try and find a hat.  There is no fixing this hair.  I want to die.  I'm going to see Davis tomorrow!!!!

There is no explanation for why the adults in my life allowed this abomination to be done unto me.  Just so you know, during the summer I turned 13 I gained about 15 lbs., started my period, and got this awful hairstyle.  I wore a hat for the rest of the summer, a la Molly Ringwald in Sixteen Candles, but I started a new school in the fall and they wouldn't let me wear the hat.  Eventually, my hair grew out and it was actually kind of cute, but when that perm first set, it was baaaad.

And, Davis?  Was an 18 year-old boy who never even knew my name, except in my vivid 13 year-old stalker/fantasy life.  I doubt I ever even said hello to him.  He sure was purty, though, I remember that.  Man alive, thirteen sucked. 


  1. I had a perm once too and it was horrible. My mom spent a ton of money on it and I washed it out that night.

    Great post. Stopping by from Mama Kat's

  2. Oh yeah, I remember those tight perms with those little rods! Ugh. My mom took me to get one and when they were done I sobbed. I told my mom that it felt like I had a pillow on my head!

  3. I actually still have my diary and boy did 13 suck (and 12 by the way).

  4. I actually went to the grocery store intending to buy no-lye relaxer from the African-American hair care section. Thankfully I chickened out because I was afraid that I'd burn it all off. Good times.

  5. Ugh, 13 totally sucked. Funny that all of our entries seem to be the same! And why did the adults allow us to get perms. Very few girls could pull it off, and I bet even they hated it!

  6. 13 was a nightmare. Ugh. I also had that ugly perm. Why, oh why? Did anyone ever look good with frizzy hair? It's not like things weren't stressful enough at that age. Boys! And BOYS! And more BOYS! Was there anything else??

    Man, I'm not looking forward to my daughter hitting that age. Yikes.

  7. Hi! I love this. I want to post this as well. FOllowing now!